We’re  having cat issues. Serious feline foibles.

Our neighbourhood appears to have a surfeit of meowers, yowlers, hissers, roof-runners, and one particularly annoying cat that yelps from the rooftops like a baby on strychnine, usually at 3 am.and 4am. and 5am.

We have nicknamed it “that bloody neurotic cat”.

There are also our regular visitors  Miss Needy(pictured) and the Black Panther. They belong to the neighbours across the road, inasmuch as cats can “belong” to anyone. Black Panther is fairly independent and sassy, and really only comes over to push her way inside and demand milk. Which is bad for kitties!

Miss Needy, However, just wants our love, our snuggles, our affection, and regular positive affirmation of her worth as a lady cat. She’s not particularly bright, and keeps getting trapped in our backyard while we’re out, even though this requires climbing up walls, across our roof, and down into the yard. So it can hardly be an accidental “oops I fell in the yard” type of thing. And yet each time, I find her there, seemingly surprised that she still can’t get back out of this place.

We are spending a lot of time on cats for non-pet-owners. Far too much of our lives (and sleep patterns) revolve around other people’s pets running rampant. We’re starting to wonder if a dog would help.