New Year, New Look (or: How I Was Forced Into My Resolution)

So, my site got hacked again, which was annoying, not only because it was some lameass scriptkiddie who did a blanket hack of He's a Schmucka few dozen site, and not only because it was some half-assed anti-Israeli message, but because the bastard thinks he’s Evil Cole. I find his co-opting of InFamous truly the most grievous of his crimes.

So anyway, in trying to un-schmuck my site, I couldn’t get the theme to work, no matter what. Note to self- do not attempt to repair themes at midnight, you will make goldarn mess. I totally borked everything, as you might guess, lost all my posts and comments, which as you might guess what fairly disheartening.

But as I was girding my loins to start this process, it occurred to me that this might be the time for a fresh start: a new theme that was more user-friendly and a bit more sophisticated, and  a new start for the new year.  My belated new year’s resolution became to update and upgrade my site,  and make it the fresh, pretty little cupcake* of a website you see here.

And, more importantly, to back up the damned thing. So that when I invariably reduce the damn thing to smoking rubble once again (I’m nothing if not consistent), I can just reload instead of rebuilding.

The rest of my (photographic) resolutions are a little more  fun:

1. To do more Panographies. they’re loads of work, but tons of fun! I’m already scouting locations.
2. Proper lighting setups, with proper backdrops. Practicing with figurines is fun,but real people would probably be  better.
3. Shoot new pictures every week! No more being a lazy lump.
4. develop aforementioned new pictures because 8 billion RAW files in your hard drive are not that useful.

May your own resolutions remain unbroken, at least until February.

figurine of 9, in front of Christmas lightstiny mushroom growing nect to my cactus

*Or perhaps a petit-four. Macaron?